Ways to coordinate with Air Jordan 1

Combine Air Jordan 1 with jogger pants
A simple but extremely divine item for anyone when combined with AJ1, that is the basic jogger pants. These two items seem to be born to complement each other, as the jogger’s form both accentuates your legs and physique, while highlighting the eye-catching design of the Air Jordan 1. Especially, with the streetwear trend. On the throne as it is today, this set of clothes is popular with both men and women.

Combine Air Jordan 1 with jeans and a basic t-shirt/shirt
Not only the Air Jordan 1, any sneaker when mixing clothes needs a rule of color matching and not being too picky. So, create that harmony by choosing clothes with black or light blue tones of jeans, mixed with a simple shirt, which is not ridiculous but extremely eye-catching. Not to mention, Jordan 1 is extremely suitable and cool when worn with plain t-shirts and jeans.

Comfortable personality with Shorts
In the right direction of the Nike fashion house, a pair of shorts, especially basketball pants will be very suitable for AJ1. This set of clothes will bring comfort and personality not only to the wearer, but also to the impression of others. However, if you are afraid because your feet have many defects, then a pair of turtleneck socks is a great choice.

You should choose socks that are 5-6 cm higher than the collar with colors that are not too colorful, preferably black, red or white. The detail will both cover your legs very well and highlight your AJ1. Usually AJ1 has brought colorful colors, so the color contrast of socks and shoes will bring harmony and eye-catching that you must try.

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