Top 3 cool “hot trend” sneaker models for cool Genz

What are the hottest trending 2022 sneaker models that are most sought after by fashionistas today is definitely an issue that GenZ is extremely interested in, especially for fashionistas who are passionate about street style and hip hop. It can be said that a trendy sneaker is always an indispensable item to complete the outfit with its own personality. Here are the top 3 most stylish and personal shoe models that are loved by young people today.

  1. Nike Air Jordan 1
    The most popular hot trending shoes in 2022

Air Jordan 1 is a product launched in 1985 on the feet of legendary basketball star – Michael Jordan. This is a prominently designed sneaker line with the “Wings Air Jordan” logo on the ankle, and is also one of the greatest basketball shoes in history.

Nike Air Jordan is a classic product line in the basketball shoe market, and also one of the product lines that created the most memorable turning point of the Nike brand. So far, Nike Air Jordan 1 has had 5 branches: Low, Mid, High, KO and Hybrid.

In which, in each branch, there are typical versions for each line. However, the Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid and High is still the most popular version with sneaker followers around the world. 2022 can be said to be the year of Nike Air Jordan with an explosion of innovative sneaker models that are warmly welcomed by GenZ, especially in the Underground world.

  1. Air Force 1 Para Noise 2.0
    Nike super products topped the trend of 2022

Nike Air Force 1 Paranoise 2.0 is a collaboration between Nike and K-Pop star G-Dragon’s own brand, PEACEMINUSONE (Korea). Following the success of the first version, since its debut, this super product has quickly become famous not only in the land of Kim Chi but also in Asia and the whole world, it can be said to order items. This is not an easy thing either.

The pair of “chrysanthemums” are delicately designed with white as the main color, and of course, the white paint on the outside can also be peeled off to reveal its true work of art – one inspired by creativity and freedom. That is also the unique point of this “thousands of people” sneaker line. However, this is a special collab and is released in limited quantities, so it has an extremely high price, and not Everyone can own it.

  1. Mlb Chunky Boston Red Sox Shoes
    Hot trend 2022 sneaker that anyone can own

MLB (Major League Baseball) is a very sought-after brand in Vietnam in early 2022. This is a brand from Korea, famous for its youthful and dynamic sports sneaker models that are very popular with young people. .

Mlb Boston owns high quality leather and rubber material, durable, sturdy and very comfortable to wear. Therefore, it is especially loved by the Underground. Not only that, students are also very fond of this sneaker line. This is an item with a personality design, which can be easily combined with many different styles of clothing, depending on its owner.

In addition to these sneaker models, you can also try on Nike Air Force I Shadow, Apha Bounce Beyound, Alexander McQUEEN, Yeezy 700 and many other hot hit items. However, don’t forget to buy the top 3 suggested items above so you don’t miss the 2022 sneaker trend!

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