Along with the rise of social networking platforms, Fashion Influencers are emerging as one of the most expensive “titles” today.

Fashion Influencers are people who have more or less fame in the fashion field. They usually have a large following on top social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or YouTube. A Fashion Influencer will primarily focus on creating and publishing fashion-related content. In particular, through their taste and ability to inspire, fashion influencers can influence public opinion and drive their buying behavior. Over time, these Fashion Influencers will branch out into other avenues that tend to attract larger audiences and allow for greater opportunities for brand collaboration.

Being a Fashion Influencer may sound glamorous to anyone who loves this creative fashion industry: sponsored clothing by brands, front row seats at fashion shows and so much more. many other special benefits. However, to receive that favor, they must be ready for an extremely fierce “war” for visibility, likes, comments, and brand deals in the fashion field. According to MediaKix, by 2022, a small Influencer account will have between 10,000 and 50,000 followers and a large Influencer account will have between 500,000 and 1 million followers. Meanwhile, there are nano-influencer accounts that have 1,000 to 10,000 followers and can have as strong engagement rates as influencers with larger followings. About Instagram specifically, about 48% of the platform’s 2 billion monthly users have more than 1,000 followers with 25% of all sponsored posts on the platform related to fashion.

So, just having taste and knowing Mix & Match can you become a Fashion Influencer? The answer is definitely not. There are countless people who know how to dress well, but not everyone can become a Fashion Influencer. Fashion influencers in the 4.0 era need to multitask and bring more value to the public than simply aesthetic thinking.

If taste is the basic factor for a Fashion Influencer to become famous, it is the “personality” that is the “key” to help them retain followers. The world is not short of people with beautiful fashion sense. The development of social networks offers the opportunity for tens of millions of people to express their personal style through just a few photos. In that context, “personality” is the factor that helps them shape their personal position on the fashion map, helping the public to distinguish a true Fashion Influencer from countless other “well-dressed” people. World-famous Fashion Influencers, they always try to build themselves with certain “personalities”, so that just mentioning their name, the public can immediately imagine their fashion style (eg. Chiara Ferragni is always modern and liberal; Olivia Palermo is elegant and well-mannered; or Leonie Hanne with colorful colors, …).

After being satisfied with extremely stylish fashion photos, the public wants more. If you just dress up and post trendy OOTD photos, then Fashion Influencers won’t be much different from a fashion catalog. The public decides to follow a Fashion Influencer, not only because of the aesthetic taste and “personality”, but also because of the stories they can “read” from that person. It is no coincidence that many Fashion Influencers are also known as travel bloggers or lifestyle inspirations. The way they arrange their time between shows, some good book they are reading, or special personal experiences, etc. is shortened. At that time, their ability to influence invisibly has an impact on the decisions and behavior of the followers.

Besides aesthetic factors and distinct values, media thinking plays a significant role in the journey of bringing the image of Fashion Influencers closer to the public. Different from being passive and having to depend on third parties as before, Fashion Influencers can now be much more active in personal communication thanks to the popularity of social networking platforms. Because of that, this job requires a lot of creativity and enthusiasm. How to make your images reach the most people? What content production is on the “top trending”? How do you tell your story to set yourself apart from others?… Personal communication requires a keen eye and a wide circle of relationships in Fashion Influencers. They will have to take advantage of every opportunity for their self-image to appear densely to the public. The more people know, the more influence the influence of Fashion Influencers will be.

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