About Us


Welcome to StorePC
StorePC is a young business, only established a few years ago. We are a supplier and retailer of fashion products such as: clothes, bedding, cushions, shoes, socks, towels…

Become a retailer of quality fashion products with the best prices in the US market.

Bring good quality products at preferential prices to customers.

Self-distribute without intermediaries, build a smart product consumption network. Products delivered to customers ensure both quality and reasonable price. At the same time, combine with suppliers and other distribution units to reduce costs and give gratitude gifts to customers.

Young sales staff are dynamic and eager to learn. We are equipped with product knowledge and have a good grasp of consumer needs and tastes. From there, it is easy to give the best advice to customers.
Customer care staff: Enthusiastic, solve customer problems and concerns. Ensuring customers always feel secure and trust us as well as continue to support us for a long time.

Establish reputation for quality – Commitment to genuine products – Return within 30 days.

Customers are always assured about our quality and price. All information about price – product details – Privacy policy – Refund Returns are publicly transparent at the sales website https://all.storepc.net/

Free shipping on all items.

Contact Info:
– Switchboard: 0389959016
– Mail: support@storepc.net
– Address: Thanh Ha – Thanh Liem – Ha Nam – Viet Nam