Tips to coordinate with Nike jordan 4 very stylish

Combine Air Jordan 4 with jogger pants and jacket
The duo of joggers and jackets are always two typical items for today’s outstanding streetwear fashion. A denim or bomber jacket with box pockets, combined with a gray or black plain jogger will be the perfect outfit for guys who want to show off their masculinity to the fullest.
The jogger with a style that gradually narrows down to the hem of the pants will fully accentuate the youthful, disruptive design of the Air Jordan 4. You can wear this set in any situation without worrying about being out of fashion or uncomfortable. , from going to school, going to work to going out or having a picnic,…

Mix Jordan 4 with track pants and t-shirt
Striped track pants have been popular since 2016 and are still loved by young people until now. The form of pants is a standing shape, so it will be suitable for many sneaker models, especially those with a prominent collar, when on foot it will look much more flattering and stylish.
So the Air Jordan 4 seems to be a pair with this track pants style. You can choose pants with stripes along with the color tone of AJ4, the harmonious and eye-catching effect will surprise you. Besides, you just need to coordinate with a t-shirt, you can add a jacket to complete a set of clothes that can both go to school and go out.

Combine Nike Jordan 4 with rolled up jeans / torn jeans
Jeans does not need to be discussed too much because this is a very popular and maneuverable item, combined with all sneaker models to bring dynamism and street fashion very clearly.
If you are up to the standards of the dusty, then a pair of torn jeans combined with the Air Jordan 4 will be the divine duo for you.

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