6 extremely hot Nike shoe models are most sought after by girls

It is a fact that from the beginning of the 21st century, women became more interested in sports shoes, they were also passionate about sneakers and began to buy as many shoes as men. In addition to high-heeled shoes, every woman must have at least one pair of sneakers. The two most commonly seen sneaker styles are the street style or the simple classic style. Girls have more diverse clothing choices than boys, so when girls buy shoes, they often choose light colors to be easy to coordinate.

1 – Nike Air Jordan Shoes

With a history of more than 30 years since Michael Jordan made the first Nike Air Jordan 1 shoes, every year Nike has worked hard to launch the next versions, and broadcast countless new colorways, all limited editions. . The Nike Air Jordan is still welcome and extremely hot today, enough to confirm the legendary status of this shoe. Simply mix with jeans or short shorts, the girls have created a very unique image, very good quality!

2 – Air Force Shoes

Referring to Nike, everyone knows about the super product Air Force shoes that are sought after by customers around the world. One of Nike’s symbols, the familiar national shoe, is easy to see the Air Force being worn anywhere. Although this line has a rough and heavy design for women, in fact the shoes are very light and feel comfortable in all activities. In particular, the Nike Air Force in women has a slightly higher collar and sole than the shoe design in men. These shoes, when combined with mini skirts or maxi dresses, create a very feminine look for girls.

3 – Nike Air Max Shoe

A monument of the 90s, the Air Max is considered one of the best-selling women’s shoes. shoes that generate huge revenue for Nike thanks to the air cushion technology for the sole. Experiencing many changes, but with Nike’s Air application, it offers a perfect experience in addition to a fancy and unique design for users, but still retains its attraction to this day, being popular thanks to its smooth experience. Love and many fashion models… Shirts combined with jeans or khaki pants with Air Max will help you to be both elegant, no less youthful and dynamic..

4 – Nike Cortez Shoes

These legendary shoes are 45 years old, which is the lever that brought Nike into the global sports fashion brand it is today. Classic shoes own a large number of fans, becoming fashionable items loved by young people, constantly promoting thanks to their super easy ability to coordinate. From sexy, gentle to minimalist style, Nike Cortez has it all. A young and modern girl must not be without this item in her wardrobe.

5 – Nike Dunk . Shoes

Nike Dunk is the symbol of 21st century street style, this shoe has a form-fitting design, soft and absolute comfort. Although it is a skate shoe, it is extremely popular with girls. The style of skinny jeans combined with personality Dunk becomes much more popular, especially with this item worn with T-shirts, basic t-shirts or shirts. From dynamic or elegant style to gentle femininity, with Dunk, you can freely combine with many different fashion styles.

6 – Nike Air Press Shoes

First appeared in Korea, impressed by the V-neck design in 1996. One of Nike’s most sustainable shoe models. For personality girls, Nike Air Presto is a remarkable highlight to perfect their sexy style, combine sport bra with torn jeans, fit is very simple but very effective. With a stylish design suitable for many different outfits, Air Presto helps the wearer stand out like never before.

As the most famous and quality sports shoe brand in the world, high value often comes with its luxury and quality. Above are the most prestigious and most sought-after shoes by girls from the Nike brand, which are popular with both men and women when participating in outdoor activities, traveling or coffee weekend, walking around with friends. raft. With extremely hot Nike shoe models, women can create their own style.

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